Yui Onodera

Yui Onodera is a Japan-based musician and sound artist. He has released numerous works on esteemed experimental labels like  KOMPAKT (DE),  Baskaru (FR),  Serein (UK),  and/OAR (USA), and more. His sound is largely based on field recordings (various environmental sound, electroanalysis sound of water, etc.), electronics and musical instruments, re-editing techniques, and dedicated software processes, for electro-acoustic pieces. He created those works in which he became even more involved in deconstructing sound images. The astonishing variety of sounds comes from sources that are concrete yet overwhelmingly invisible. All music in this stems from field recordings and musical instruments-but it does not simulate the natural reality of the original sounds. Instead, the work creates a sonic hyper-reality, a virtual world of sound. 
He studied the Shō (Japanese free reed musical instrument) with Ko Ishikawa. Shō is one of the three main wind instruments in gagaku. He creating concert piece by Japanese tradition musical instrument and advanced technology for multiple speaker systems. It is an improvised, spontaneous, live performance in the spirit of experimental music, paired with influences ranging from computer music to original instruments, from classical minimal music to drone and noise. He has also produced collaboration works with artists from every imaginable genre: sound artists/professor at Virginia Commonwealth University Stephen Vitiello, composer/sound artists Scanner, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra's clarinet and piano soloists Vadim Bondarenko, artist/sculptors Kenichi Kanazawa, butoh dancer/choreographers Yukio Suzuki, architects Ryuji Fujimura. 
He studied music and architecture, after working as an architectural acoustic designer, he has provided the music for films, contemporary dance/Butoh. As well as recorded works, he produces installation pieces, often using multiple speaker systems. His work connects the points between a bewilderingly diverse array of genres – a partial list would include sound design, film scores, contemporary composition, electronic/acoustic music, architectural acoustic design. Currently, alongside his musical profession he works as a music/sound art lecturer at Rikkyo University and Musashino Art University. 
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小野寺 唯

作曲家/サウンドアーティスト。武蔵野美術大学/立教大学兼任講師。音楽と建築を学び建築音響設計に従事の後、空間と音の関係性にフォーカスされたサウンドデザイン事務所"CRITICAL PATH"にて国内外の広告メディア/映画/舞台の作曲、プロダクト/デバイス/車内空間のソニフィケーション・デザインからインタラクティブコンテンツ/インスタレーションのためのマルチチャンネル立体音響サウンドデザインなど多様な分野に精通したサウンドプロデュースを手掛ける。サウンドアート/電子音楽の分野にてこれまでにドイツの名門KOMPAKTをはじめとするイギリス、アメリカ、フランスなど欧米各国より作品を発表。海外オーディオ・ヴィジュアル・フェスティバル、サウンド・インスタレーションなど多角的なアウトプットで多岐に渡り国際的に活躍。ソロ活動のほか、英国ロイヤル・バレエ団/作曲家Scannerやロシアのバレエ /オペラの名門マリインスキー劇場管弦楽団員Vadim Bondarenko、鈴木ユキオ(ダンサー)、久保田晃弘(アーティスト/多摩美術大学教授)、藤村龍至(建築家)など様々な分野のアーティストとジャンルを横断するプロジェクトを協働、新しい音の在り方を探る。


メディア (TV/ラジオ/雑誌)
「CD JOURNAL」(音楽出版社)
「THE WIRE」(イギリス)
「DE:BUG」 (ドイツ)
「Beat」 (ドイツ)
「BLOW UP」 (イタリア)
「Sentireascoltare」 (イタリア)
「go MAG」 (スペイン)
「Elegy」 (フランス)
and more.
「Light Hack」(東京) Gold Award受賞
「3331α Art Hack Day 2016」(東京) 最優秀賞
「Störung Festival 10」(スペイン)
「Hors Pistes Japon 2015」(京都)
「Unyazi Festival 2014」(南アフリカ共和国)
「札幌国際芸術祭 2014」(札幌)
「Störung Festival 8」(スペイン)
「Lib-Live!」(NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC])
and more.

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